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Boat Detail

   Waxing your boat not only gives your boat a nice shiny finish and makes it easier to clean. Waxing will give your Gelcoat the barrier it needs to resist oxidation. You should have your boat waxed every six months. We use Collinite wax products on the flat areas of Gelcoat (the skid). We use Woody Wax on the non-skid . Our process is simple. We wash & dry your boat. Then we apply wax, allow it to set and wipe it off. Then finish by buffing the area to a shiny finish.

( Please remember waxing will not remove oxidation, black skid marks or any other build up/damage.)

What is Gelcoat

Gelcoat is the coating sprayed up against a highly polished mold at the beginning of the fiberglass layup process. This process results in the smooth, mirror-like finish typical of new boats. With the passage of time, unprotected gelcoat will oxidize and eventually take on a chalky appearance. As part of this process, it becomes porous. The more porous it becomes, the more readily it will stain. The good news is that nearly all gelcoat can be restored, provided it is not completely worn through.

If your boats finished is oxidized, wash and wax will prolong the oxidation. Yes, at first you will see a difference. But, the only way to truly remove the oxidation is to address the problem before waxing.

There are three levels of oxidation, Assessing Oxidation

Light - Most of the gelcoat will still be shiny, but with a few dull or cloudy patches. A simple oxidation-removing compound should restore the shine.

Medium - The surface is generally dull and shows signs of pitting. A machine buffer and a polishing compound will remove oxidation and smooth the pits.

Heavy - The entire surface is dull and may be chalky to the touch. Pitting is obvious. Extensive sanding and polishing are required.

3M and Collinite both make a Wax/Cleaner with can be used to remove light to medium oxidation. To remove heavy oxidation a rubbing compound and/or sanding may be the only way to remove it. This level of work most likely will require the boat to be dry docked.

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